I have been playing the game of snooker since I was about 15 yrs old, after seeing the top players on TV. I was interested in the technique even then and read all the books including Joe Davis' How I Play Snooker, Ray Reardon's Classic Snooker and John Spencer's Teach Yourself Snooker, followed over the years by those by Steve Davis, Frank Callan, Jimmy White et al.


I was fortunate to have the basics explained to me when I started playing at a local club at the age of around twenty, and have been playing local league snooker virtually ever since. During that time I have seen many players with the same problems, both technical and those allied to a lack of understanding of the basics of the game. In recent years, having experienced the benefits of coaching, I started to think more and more about taking it up seriously, in order to help fellow snooker players of all ages build on their basic technique which in turn will help them to pot more balls, build bigger breaks and get more enjoyment from the game.


You don't need to be the next Steve Davis, Stephen Hendry or Ronnie O'Sullivan to benefit from coaching, most people could do with a little help with their basic technique or help understanding the potting angles, and if you are thinking about taking up the game, getting the basics right will give you a solid base on which to build. Whatever you need, I can help and if you love playing this game as much as I do, you really will get more enjoyment after a few pointers from a coach, so why not give me a call, let's have an hour together and see where it takes you!


I offer:

Age: 54


Favourite snooker player: Steve Davis


Plays for: Pershore Club in the Worcester and Evesham Leagues.


Best snooker moment: Talking snooker technique with Steve Davis (for hours!)


My Cue: John Parris Ambassador


Recent Achievements: Two individual tournament wins in Worcester League in 2011/12  and 2012/13

About me

Me Coaching Programme
  • Structured Coaching for all ability levels


  • Fully CRB Checked


  • Group sessions