Single 1 hour lesson for players aged 9-16 : £15


Single 1 hour lesson for players 17 and over : £20


Single 2 hour lesson for players 17 and over : £40


Group sessions per hour : £5 per person (5 max)


Snooker Coaching Venues


I have now left Pershore Club and am in the process of finding a new venue, which I hope to finalise very soon. Please check back for details.


Monday to Saturday   9am - 6pm


Please contact me to arrange evening sessions


Other clubs/venues by arrangement.


Please note: The first session is usually longer to enable us to get to know each other and for an initial assessment, allow 90 minutes - 2 hours.


I can travel to your club but you must be able to secure a table at your own cost for the duration of the one-to-one coaching session. Likewise should you have your own table I can travel to you.

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One of the tables at Pershore Club