Coaching Programme

Structured Coaching


The coaching you will recieve from me will be structured and each lesson will be planned.


Your first lesson will be important to us both in building a rapport, for me to find out about your game and what you want to achieve, and to assess your current ability. Based on that assessment, I will prioritise the technical improvements we will work on. To enable this to be effective, your first lesson will be 30 - 60 minutes longer than usual.


At the end of each lesson, I will give you a copy of the routines we have worked on, so that you can continue to practice at your own club, along with a written record of the lesson within two days.


Remember, if any technical changes are needed, you will need to put some time into solo practice, in order to have the best chance of being successful. I will give you advice on how best to practice so that the benefits of your coaching sessions are maximised.



Group Sessions


Don't waste those nights when your team hasn't a match. Why not book a group session and spend a couple of hours working on improving your team's performance in a relaxed and informal atmosphere. Some of the things we could cover:

  • Technique

  • Tactics

  • Safety Play

  • Positional Play